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Our code of professional conduct

Our Code of Professional Conduct serves as an ethical benchmark for our members.  As an organization, we are committed to professionalism in our interactions with each other and with the clients that we serve.  These standards include accountability, responsibility and trusted counsel to members and to our clients.

  • In all professional relationships, we pledge to treat others with respect, civility, fairness, accuracy and without discrimination
  • We pledge to abstain from any behavior that will unjustly cause harm to the reputation of COGS and/or its members
  • Before undertaking any professional activity, we pledge to perform only those services that may be handled competently
  • We pledge to make informed decisions in the performance of our professional duties that adhere to relevant laws, regulations and recognized standards of practice
  • We pledge to honestly and accurately represent our professional qualifications including education, credentials, designations, affiliations, titles and work experience
  • We pledge to avoid situations that create actual, potential or perceived conflicts between personal and professional interests, and if a potential conflict of interest arises disclose all applicable facts to potentially affected parties

As a Member of COGS, I hereby pledge:

To conduct myself professionally, and to adhere to the COGS Code of Professional Conduct as adopted by the Board of Directors of the Coalition of Geriatric Services (COGS).

I understand and accept that there may be consequences for violation of this Code, up to and including membership suspension or revocation.  Prior to suspension or revocation, the member will have an opportunity to be heard using a process to be defined by the COGS Board of Directors.

And, I understand that those who have been or are under investigation, sanctioned by a government agency or convicted in a court of law of an action that fails to comply with the Code, at the discretion of the COGS Board of Directors, may be suspended or revoked from COGS Membership for failure to comply with the letter or spirit of the COGS Code of Conduct. 

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