Legislative Update 05/10/22

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 10:01 AM | Becky Sieck (Administrator)

Hello, COGS members! This memo reflects updates as of May 10, 2022 on bills introduced in the Maryland General Assembly. As a service to our membership, the COGS Legislative Committee is reviewing bills introduced in the House and Senate which may be of interest to our members. COGS will not take any position on these bills as an organization, but we hope that this list will keep you informed of initiatives that may be of interest to you. Any communication from COGS on legislative matters is for the benefit of our members who may choose to pursue legislative advocacy that reflects their personal or professional concerns. This effort is a service offered by the COGS Legislative Committee and represents our best efforts. We make no representation that this communication addresses all issues that may affect all COGS members.

We urge our members to explore additional information on legislative initiatives by consulting the Maryland General Assembly ( http://mgaleg.maryland.gov; telephone 1-800-492-7122 -toll free) and by contacting their representatives in the Maryland Senate and Maryland House of Delegates. We expect to send you updates on bills introduced in our General Assembly throughout the session.

The 2022 legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly ( 444th MARYLAND GENERAL ASSEMBLY) convened on Wednesday, January 12, 2022. The 90-day session adjourned “sine die” at midnight on Monday, April 11, 2022.

For those who wish to access the bills introduced according to subject, you may find it useful to refer to the subject index in the Maryland General Assembly website. In particular, these topics may be useful: Assisted living; Elderly persons; Estates and trusts; Health care facilities; Vulnerable adults, Adult abuse, Dept. of Aging, Senior citizens, Prescription pricing, Caregiver, Nursing Homes and Disabled persons.

The total Bills submitted were Senate 1,024 and House 1,496. Grand total 2,520.

Total of 836 Bills were passed by both parties to the Governor for signature. The Governor can Veto Bills as he sees fit through the end of May. He can also

not sign Bills as he wishes and they will then become law at the end of May.

At this time all Senate and House Bills listed below are in “passed enrolled” status except SB 175, SB 241, SB 357, HB 763, HB 809 these five (5) have already been signed into law by the Governor. “ Passed enrolled” means these Bills have already been approved through the Legislature but could still be

vetoed by the Governor before the end of May. If not signed or vetoed by the Governor by the end of May they will then become laws.

Bills introduced, passed both parties and sent to the Governor by the Senate through SB 1011 (with associated bills cross-filed in the House)

SB 3/ HB 0297, Facilities – Disabilities, Juveniles, Behavioral Health and Health Care – Safety Plans

SB 27, Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia – Council and Coordination of Services (Dementia Services Act of 2022)

SB 175, Fiduciary Institutions – Investigation of Financial Abuse and Financial Exploitation – Records Disclosure

SB 241, Behavioral Health Crisis Response Services – 9-8-8 Trust Fund

SB 353, Health Insurance – Prescription Insulin Drugs – Limits on Copayment and Coinsurance (Insulin Cost Reduction Act)

SB 357/ HB 0589, Adult Protective Services- Vulnerable Adults Registry – Investigations and Records of Abuse and Neglect and Workgroup Study

SB 527/ HB 1051, Elderly Individuals – Howard County and Montgomery County Adult Day Health Care Services Pilot Program and Task Force

SB 531/ HB 0636, Maryland Health Care Commission – Assisted Living Programs – Study

SB 559, Estates and Trusts – Supported Decision Making

SB 694/ HB 0990, Estates and Trusts – Guardianship of the Property of Disabled Persons – Court Appointed Attorneys

Bills introduced, passed both parties and sent to the Governor by the House through HB 1486 (see above for bills cross-filed in Senate)

HB 166, Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia – Council and Coordination of Services (Dementia Services Act of 2022)

HB 187, Estates and Trusts – Administration of Estates – Fees

HB 449, Property Tax- Renter’s Property Tax Relief Program- Application Period (at least 70 years old)

HB 456/ SB 0957, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – State Supplement ( at least 60 years old)

HB 496, Labor and Employment – Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program - Establishment

HB 534/ SB 0244, Maryland Medical Assistance – Self Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring

HB 684, Maryland Medical Assistance Program

HB 763/ SB 0231, Correctional Officers Retirement System - Membership

HB 809, Property Tax Exemption – Disabled Veteran, Active Duty and Surviving Spouse – Application Process

HB 1034, State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators – Renaming, Licensure of Assisted Living Managers, and Penalties.

HB 1051, Elderly Individuals – Howard and Montgomery County Adult Day Healthcare Services Pilot

HB 1397, Health Insurance – Prescription Insulin Drugs – Limits on Copayment and Coinsurance (Insulin Cost Reduction Act)

Any COGS members wanting a copy of any Bill in it’s entirety please contact me at don@moyerandsons.com

Respectfully submitted 3/31/2022

Donald Hott

COGS Legislative Chair

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